Advancement Via Individual Determination


Making College Dreams a Reality

 The Kenwood AVID program helps its students reach their full academic and social potential.  The program will push its students to take the tough classes we know that college admissions officers are looking for, but are there to teach them the strategies to succeed in the most rigorous courses.  We help our students with the following:

• Writing Skills
• Inquiry and Higher Level Thinking Skills
• Collaboration
• Organization
• Reading
• College Level Note Taking
• Time Management
• Study Skills
• College and Career Planning
• Financial Aid

We work on all of these skills in a supportive environment where we help our students overcome the many obstacles that school and life can throw at a high school student. 
It won’t be easy, but if it was easy, everyone would go to college.  If a student is willing to work, AVID will get you to college.  How do I know…

• 100% of the 2014 class are registered for college
• 71% of the class of 2014 were accepted to a 4-year University
• There have been over 250 graduates from the program, 98% of them have gone onto college.

If a student wants to go to college, and is willing to work hard to get there the AVID program is perfect for them.