Sports Science Academy

Sports Science Academy Magnet Program

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The Sports Science Academy is a comprehensive magnet program geared toward students that have a passion for sports and are interested in pursuing a sports related career.  On their journey in this program, students participate in thought-provoking class discussions, examine current events in the world of sports, participate in related field trips, hear from guest speakers in the world of sports, and work on service projects; all in an effort to prepare our students for post high school in the 21st century.

Courses at Kenwood (required for graduation from the program):

9th Grade Required Courses:

Fitness Foundations/Fitness Mastery (1 credit)

Honors Biology (1 credit)

10th Grade Required Courses:

Team Sports with a Career Exploration Focus (.5 credit)

SSA Health (.5 credit)

Sports Medicine (.5 credit)

Intro to Paramedical Biology (.5 credit)

11th Grade Required Courses:

Sports Psychology (1 credit)

Sports Management (1 credit)

12th Grade Required Courses:

Leadership & Rec II (1 credit)


Updated 3/14/2016