World Languages

World Languages

World Languages

The World Languages Department of Kenwood High School serves students in the college completer program and students who have an interest in learning one of the languages/cultures that we offer at Kenwood. We offer Spanish, French and Chinese and encourage students to take as many levels as possible to help them in college and/or their future career. In addition to course offerings, there is an opportunity to participate in many cultural activities and an exchange program in China!

Courses at Kenwood
Spanish I, Spanish II, Spanish III Honors, Spanish IV Honors, Spanish V Language and Culture Advanced Placement and Spanish VI Literature and Culture Advanced Placement

French I, French II, French III Honors, French IV Honors and French V Language and Culture Advanced Placement

Chinese I, Chinese II, Chinese III Honors, Chinese IV Honors and Chinese V Advanced Placement

Graduation Requirements
Students in the college completer must take two levels of the same language in order to graduate. Students who wish to go to a four year college are recommended to take at least three levels of the same language.

Additional Information

To become a member of the Spanish National Honor Society, a student must have at least a B average in Spanish for a minimum of 3 semesters and be invited to join based on their current language teacher's recommendation.