Kenwood Business Students

Marketing/Business Completer at Kenwood High School

Business/Marketing is one of the top chosen fields of study by college students. The Marketing/Business Completer offers students the opportunity to gain knowledge, skills, and techniques in business and marketing.

All Marketing/Business classes are taught in a computer lab where research on the internet, the use of Microsoft Programs, and Web programs are utilized. Virtual Business Programs, GoVenture, the Aplia Accounting Program, and other textbook companion websites interactively assist in teaching the course work.

Marketing Completer Courses at Kenwood     

Principles of Business, Administration, and Management (1 credit)

Accounting I Honors (1 credit)

Marketing I Honors (1 credit)

Marketing II Honors (1 credit)

Graduation Requirements

Students are required to take all four (4) credits listed above.

Updated 5/8/2018