Alumni Association

Kenwood High School Alumni Association

Mission Statement

The KHS Alumni Association's mission is to support, strengthen and promote Kenwood High School, its students, staff, and image. The Association will foster pride in the institution and work to link current students and staff with the greater Kenwood community.

Kenwood Alumni Association Classroom Enrichment Grant Program


The Kenwood Alumni Association realized that there are limited resources available for discretionary use in supporting classroom enhancement. Therefore this grant program is intended to make funds available to augment the operating funds available to the school in support of programs that will eventually benefit student development. Maximum grant awarded at $250

Rules & Eligibility

Grant Deadline: 30th day of each month. 
Application will be accepted at [email protected]
All applications submitted must be fully executed in order to be accepted for consideration

How are grant recipients selected?

The Grants program is managed and administered entirely by The Kenwood Alumni Association. The Kenwood Alumni Association will evaluate applications and award grants based on the following criteria:
Applicant's description of the project and its objectives
Benefits to the students, including overall student learning experience, relevance to curriculum and number of students who may benefit from the grant
Proposed use of funds

Recipient notification/claiming grants

All applicants will be notified by e-mail. Grant checks are made payable to the school. In the event a recipient does not implement the use of the funds by the end of the school year, the grant will be forfeited and funds returned to the SPONSOR. 

Grant restrictions

No substitutions or transfers permitted. Recipients may receive a grant only once in a given school year. In the event the costs and fees are less than the grant amount, the balance of the grant may be utilized for other education costs such as materials, books and resources related to the curriculum. Grants may not be used to supplant expenditures that are the normal responsibility of the school district. SPONSOR reserves the right to interpret these rules and to make decisions concerning the grant, its acceptance and use, in situations not covered by these rules.
Grant Request Form

To receive a copy of the Grant Request Form, please email a request to Clair Fahnestock at [email protected].

Nomination for the Academic Hall of Fame

Nominations for Kenwood’s Academic Hall of Fame can be made by using this form.

Contact information:

Linda Snyder, President
[email protected]

Robert (Bob) McKinney, V. President
[email protected]

Clare Fahnestock, Secretary/Treasurer
[email protected]

3216 Holly Knoll Court
Abingdon, MD 21009

Please direct all correspondence to the Treasurer, Clare Fahnestock, at the above address.


Updated 03/14/2022