Character Education


The Tenets of Kenwood Pride

Beautyin myself, in others, and in my surroundings

Loyaltyto myself, to others, and to my goals

Unitytogetherness as a Kenwood Community

Endurancegaining confidence by not giving up

In our school the tenets look like this.

Blue Bucks Program:

Teachers are encouraged to use Blue Bucks to reward students for demonstrating the tenets of Kenwood Pride, academic achievement, homework completion, good behavior, etc. Students may use their Blue Bucks to purchase items from our Blue Bucks store that is open during lunch shifts.

Virtues Program

History of the Program:    
Kenwood High School seeks to empower students, staff and parents in order to transform the school culture. We focus on the virtues of Beauty, Loyalty, Unity and Endurance in order to cultivate an orderly and unified learning environment.

The activities and philosophy of Kenwood’s character education program have been based on The Virtues Project, created by Linda Kavelin-Popov and Dr. Dan Popov, as a way to “integrate the cultivation of virtues into the existing curriculum, the discipline system, the counseling experience and daily classroom life” (Popov 200, p. xxii).

Students and staff work together to celebrate strength virtues and identify growth virtues for themselves in order to develop character.

Virtues-based boundaries, focusing on respect and restorative justice, are used to build a climate of peace, integrity, and safety.

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The Virtues Project.
How the Program works at Kenwood:]

The Virtues Project is based on the identification and definition of core ethical virtues, which are central to Kenwood High's character development program. In order to encourage students to perform at their highest potential in and out of the classroom at Kenwood High School, we created "Virtues of the Month."

The Virtues of the Month is a system that acknowledges students who are demonstrating authentic, virtuous behavior in the school and school community. Teachers have an opportunity to acknowledge students who are displaying virtuous behaviors either through Virtue Sightings and through their nomination for special recognition of the student's virtuous behavior. We encourage staff members to recognize other staff members, students to recognize other students, and for students to recognize teachers.  

Document: Schoolwide Positive Behavior Plan