PARCC – “A new kind of academic checkup”

Having new academic standards (M
aryland College and Career Ready Standards) requires new assessment tools to measure student progress. PARCC, the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers, was created by a partnership of 22 states, including Maryland, to develop these assessments.

This fall and winter, the Maryland State Department of Education will release statewide, schoolwide, and individual student baseline results from the first administration of the assessment.

The PARCC scores will look different than scores from previous state tests and may appear lower than what educators and parents typically expect for some students and schools. This difference does not mean our students know less or are less capable. The PARCC exam scores reflect higher expectations for what students should know and be able to do to stay on track for college and careers. 

PARCC exam results cannot be compared to test scores from the state’s previous assessments. The PARCC exam is a drastically different test that uses extended and technology-enhanced tasks to more accurately measure students’ critical thinking, problem solving, and writing skills, which are all necessary for students to succeed in higher education and/or careers. 

The first year of PARCC testing will serve as a baseline for test scores and will determine the performance targets for future years. No immediate consequences are tied to the 2015 administration. In future years, scores will be available to educators and parents earlier to provide more timely and reliable information regarding whether students need extra assistance or more advanced instruction.

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Updated 5/8/2018