Athletic Hall of Fame

Kenwood Athletics Hall of Fame

Athletic Hall of Fame

KAHOF honors those individuals who have excelled in leadership and playing sports while being in good standing during their time at Kenwood High School. Also being honored are those individuals who have further served and supported Kenwood Athletic Programs.

For years Kenwood High School never had an enshrinement for recognizing its outstanding athletes and their accomplishments.

In 2007 former coaches Lefty Elliott and Carroll Hess discussed the idea of Kenwood High School having its own Athletics Hall of Fame. That idea was then presented to Derek Maki the Athletic Director at Kenwood High School for 13 years (2001-2014).

A committee was formed to elect those worthy individuals to be honored by their induction into the Hall of Fame. Through the 2022 elections, well over 150 deserving inductees have been enshrined into this prestigious Athletics Hall of Fame.

Each inductee receives a lapel pin, a membership card that allows them free admission to all Kenwood sponsored sporting events, their year of graduation and lists the sports they participated and/or their contribution to Kenwood’s sports programs. Finally their year of induction is listed.


Nominations for Kenwood’s Athletic Hall of Fame can be made by using this form.

Kenwood High School

Carl Armstrong, Principal
Tony Ruocco, Athletic Director

Kenwood Athletics Hall of Fame Committee

Tom Trafton, Chairman
Andrew Gallagher
Tony Ruocco

Monique “Nikki” Cartier
Tony Maggard
Derek Maki
Derek Woodward

Kenwood Athletics Hall of Fame Members

Class of 2023
Ashley Horn

Tammy Jackson

Jarred Jones

Shelby Miller-Fischer

Kim Williams

Ryan Wolfscheimer

Jim Wilmot

Class of 2022
Matt Bunch

Akeem Echols

Travis Jenkins

Allison Neff

Bruce Pugh

Jan Pfeifer

Coach Jean Norwood Wade

Class of 2021
Howard Hammen

Alan McCoy

Donna Passauer

Amy Svrjcek-Waggoner

                                 2003 Boys State Championship Soccer Team

Class of 2019
Sharon Holtschneider McCloughlin

Stephen Kelley

Elaine Lindsay

Derik Maki

Casey Moser Wheat

Christopher O’Leary

Kingsley Onwuka

Kathryn Sapp-Miller

Adam Taylor

Class of 2018

Monique Cartier

Andrew Gallagher

Eugene Lindsay

Thomas Trafton

Jaime Wolff

1978 State Championship: Baseball Team

Class of 2017

James Fraley

Chuck Hill

Mason Krumholtz

Andy McKinney

Ronald McKinney

1967 County Championship: Soccer Team

Class of 2016

Angelique Abel

Yvette Dawson Beam

Robin M. Skrutski Carper

Arnold S. Hughes, Jr.

Kyle Jaski

Timothy Kotroco

Robert “Bob” Krs

James “Jim” McCoach

Hector Montoya

Queen Nzenwa

Linda Ann Engelmeyer Snyder

Bruce Walls

Class of 2015

J. Ferdinand Driver

Kathleen A. Krannebitter

Mark Mattern

Dennis Palmer

Joe L. Wenderoth

Class of 2014

Harry Harrison Bregel

John Campbell

Brandon Jay

Lois Poswiatowski

Ed Robertson

John Wesley Patterson, Jr.

Renee Lynn Schafer Townsend

Class of 2013

Lori Brewer

Ken Brown

Ed Bury

Wayne Cosgrove

Sue Furnary

Jade Lynn Matheny Kelly

Tony Kikola

Sandy MacIver

Steve McMillion

Sal Ranieri

Christine Sadowski

Gary Wallace

1975 Championship: Football Team

Class of 2012

Susan J. Wunder-Coleman

Gace Matz Dohmeier

Barry Drew

Timothy Johnson

Charlie Koester

David Leonard

Thomas F. O’Connor

Jackson Lowe Palmer

Michael Sheely

Vance Srausburg

Championship Teams of 

Mildred Murray

Class of 2011

Byron Beam

Michael Collins

W. Michael Elliott

Larry Ey

John H. Hoerr

Jerry Jenkins

Rick Kell

John Kubilius

Stacey Leidner

Lloyd Mitchell McCleave

Gino Pierorazio

John W. Startt, III

Class of 2010

Buddy Alrich

Edward Bailor

Jeffrey Boller

Rick Coburn

Greg Connelly

Larry Harmel

Donna Harold

Walter Mendich

John Pederson

Dean Prudhoe

Catherine Stainer

Maurice White

Class of 2009

Charlotte Anderson

Louis Clark

Denise Dawson

Steven Ecovitch

Thomas Hanlin

William Horn

Bette Hinton-Kareski

Jim Olshinsky

Allen Poklemba

Mike Preston

James Reider

Dave Sexton

Emily Thon

Class of 2008

Norma Bankhard

Helen Chenowith

Jeff Eaton

Corliss Johnson

Jim Kennedy

Mack Kingsmore

Tony Maggard

Mildred Murray

Don Neutzel

Dave Patrick

Len Patrick

Brenda Koester Philipon

Bruce Smith

Class of 2007

William Brown

Lefty Elliot

Evelyn Brandenburg Ford

Jack Harron

Carroll Hess

Tom Lynn

Bruce Malinowski

Andy McDonald

Charles Messenger

Dick Patton

George Politz

Edward Vachino

Maureen White

Bill Wilhelm

Updated 8/17/23