Career and Technology Education

Kenwood CTE Students

Programs of Study/Career Completers

Career Technology Education (CTE) provides high school and community college students an opportunity to pursue a sequential technical and academic program of study leading to advancement in a career field. High school CTE programs of study give students the opportunity to transition smoothly into further education or post-secondary education and to earn college credit and/or industry credentials in a career field of interest.

Career and Technology Education (CTE) Programs of Study available at Kenwood:

  • Technology Education – future link to course main topics/syllabus?
  • Advanced Technology
  • Air Force JROTC
  • Carpentry
  • Graphics and Printing
  • Plumbing

Graduation Requirements

  • Introduction to Engineering and Tech Concepts (1.0 credit)
  • Class of 2018 graduation requirement course will become Foundations of Technology

Updated 5/8/2018