Kenwood Music Students and Staff

Kenwood High School Music Program

Kenwood has one of the fastest growing music departments in Baltimore County and has many offerings available for students to continue their music education and obtain a fine arts credit necessary for graduation. Kenwood’s Choirs, Band, and Orchestra perform regularly throughout the surrounding community, for school events/concerts, and at the BCPS Assessments in the spring. This after school commitment is a mandatory component for these performing ensembles. 

Music Courses at Kenwood:

  • Concert Band
  • Orchestra
  • Women’s Choir (non-auditioned)
  • Men’s Choir (non-auditioned)
  • Concert Choir (auditioned)
  • Piano Class
  • Guitar Class

Graduation Requirements:

Students may fulfill the high school Fine Arts requirement by successfully completing an identified 1 credit course in art, music, theater, or dance.

Updated 5/8/2018