Social Studies

Social Studies

Social Studies

Courses at Kenwood

American Government
American Government Honors
AP US Government and Politics
Military History
World History
World History Honors
AP World History: Modern
US History
US History Honors
AP US History
Personal Finance and Economic Theory (PFET) Honors
AP Economics
IB History of the Americas 11
IB History of the Americas 12
IB Psychology
Philosophy Honors

Graduation Requirements

Students must pass the classes below, as well as passing the American Government High School Assessment.  

American Government  1 Credit
World History 1 Credit
United States History 1 Credit 
Economics and Public Issues  .5 Credit
Additional Information

Students who enroll in five Social Social Studies classes and earn  3.3 GPA in those classes will be eligible to join the Michael J Collins Rho Kappa National Social Studies Honor Society.

Updated 10/19/2021