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Please Note: All visitors to the school building will be by appointment only.

  • Livestreaming of Ceremonies - BCPS-TV will be streaming our graduation ceremonies taking place at SECU arena. Please use the links below to view the ceremonies.
Watch the Graduation Ceremony on YouTube
Watch the Graduation Ceremony on Vimeo 
  • In addition, those graduations will also be available LIVE on BCPS-TV and re-broadcast on BCPS-TV, available on demand on the BCPS-TV Vimeo and YouTube sites.
  • IMPORTANT UPDATE for Class of 2022: Portraits will be taken at Kenwood on June 9-11 from 3-9pm in the MPR. Use the following links for more information:

How to Sign Up
Portrait Info

  • The Senior Farewell/Scholarship Livestream will take place on Wednesday, 5/19/21 from 10am to 12pm.  Due to COVID-19, we are not able to host any guests/visitors. Use the link below to watch!

Masked Kenwood Bluebird

  • Middle schoolers! Interested in AVID? Apply today! Applications are due April 1.
  • To enroll your child for the 2020-2021 school year, please visit the Focus Parent Portal. If you have questions or need further assistance, please go to the Baltimore County Public Schools website and click on Students and Families or contact the staff members at Kenwood High:

    Ms. MaryBeth Keirn, mkeirn@bcps.org, 443-809-0141
    Mr. Joshua Grubka, jgrubka@bcps.org, 443-809-0275
  • For Homeless/Hardship/Kinship/Foster Care contact Kenwood's PPW
    Ms. Jennifer Cox at jbarrett@bcps.org or call 443-809-6473
  • To withdraw your student from Kenwood High School or for any  paperwork to be completed such as MVA, SSI/welfare, send an email to:

     Ms. Karen Violanti at kviolanti@bcps.org or call 443-809-0141

Updated 5/19/2021


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